AMP Doesn't work

If your AMP theme doesn't work or has some issues please check out following items:

  • The module "AMP" must be installed and enabled
  • Go to "Shop Parameters" → "General" and make sure the option "Enable SSL" is enabled
  • Go to "Shop Parameters" → "Traffic & SEO" and make sure the option "Friendly URL" is enabled
  • Make sure permissions of the module folder and files are correct. 644 for files and 755 for folders
  • Make sure you have not use any module what changes Prestashop URL's
  • Make sure you have "Main URL Slug" in the "AMP Settings" → "General"
  • Make sure you don't have overrided controllers in the folder "/override/controllers/front"

Broken Links/Images

  • Make sure SSI is disabled
  • Try to disable "Iubenda" module if you have it installed

Not Valid AMP Page

AMP module has been developed respecting AMP requirements and coding standards. If you have a problem with specific page validation in most cases it caused by a content what you added to a page. Plese check out following items:

  • Make sure the code of your content is clean and valid. You can use this tool to clean it
  • Make sure every image in your code has necessary "width" and "height" parameters

AMP Shopping Cart Issue

  • Make sure you have disabled an option "Re-display cart at login" in the "Shop Parameters" → "Customer Settings"

Missing AMP Content Images

  • Make sure you have mandatory parameters "width" and "height" in the source code of the page content. Those parameters has to be in pixels (not percent)


  • Module files path is /modules/pkamp/
  • Modules template path is /themes/YOUR_THEME/templates/mobile/