If your AMP theme doesn't work or has some issues please check out following items:

  • The module "AMP" must be installed and enabled
  • Go to "Shop Parameters" → "General" and make sure the option "Enable SSL" is enabled
  • Go to "Shop Parameters" → "Traffic & SEO" and make sure the option "Friendly URL" is enabled
  • Make sure permissions of the module folder and files are correct. 664 for files and 755 for folders
  • Make sure you have not use any module what changes Prestashop URL's
  • Make sure you have "Main URL Slug" in the "AMP Settings" → "General"
  • Make sure you don't have overrided controllers in the folder "/controllers/front"


  • Module files path is /modules/pk_amp/
  • Modules template path is /themes/YOUR_THEME/templates/mobile/